Gmail adds new integrations with Google+


In addition to the closer integration of Google+ with Contacts, which we detailed in a previous post, Google announced, on Friday, some changes that bring Gmail even closer to the social project.

With the deactivation of Google Buzz and the recent integration of People Widget, the Mountain View giant has opened up space in the popular webmail interface to bring in some new social implementations.

Now, when receiving an email from a user who is present on Google+, Gmail users will be able to view their most recent post in the right panel and, if not in their circles, they will be able to add their profile directly in this space.

There is also a change in the Gmail navigation menu that includes Google+ circles. This change also interferes with the marker system, showing the circles directly between messages.

Another change is in the Gmail attachments, it is now possible to share an image on Google+ immediately, without any need to download the content and resubmit.