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Gmail 5.0: Now with Material Design and support for Yahoo and Outlook accounts!

On my Android 5.0 review Lollipop You may have noticed that I didn't mention anything new about Google's new OS-adapted applications. Well, it happened because we didn't have much news in this regard, except for Google Now and the native clock app. However, today we got the news that Gmail came in version 5.0 and brought the Material Design visuals to Google's email application.

google gmail teaser 4
The Gmail app finally arrives verse 5.0 with Material Design! / ANDROIDPIT

Although the Android team said it would only start distributing Gmail 5.0 after the official release of Lollipop, the site Android Police managed to do some testing with the new app. According to the site, Gmail now supports different accounts from different providers such as Yahoo and Outlook. The idea that users can switch accounts in the same application, in this case Gmail.

Below is a video showing Gmail integration in version 5.0:

Watch the video

As we can see, in addition to design changes, such as a cleaner compositing screen, for example, or avatars appearing in your contacts' email address, we will have new services. Finally, we'll have a system-native email management application where you can manage accounts from different providers!

And, what did you think of the news introduced with Gmail 5.0?

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