Gmail 4.7 brings new features; download now

Gmail 4.7 brings new features; download now

THE Google is updating your app Gmail for version 4.7, bringing auto-reply option, ability to print emails to KitKat users, download attached files and allow attaching any type of file.

gmail 4 7
Gmail 4.7 / AndroidPolice

Perhaps the big news of the new version is the removal of restrictions on downloads of some types of files, which previously did not allow users to download ZIP files for security reasons. Now you can also attach any type of file, not just videos and photos. Another feature not least interesting for some users is auto-response, especially for those who are out of work during the holidays. The functionality is quite simple – you can set the time interval during which the automatic reply will be sent, the subject and the text of the message.

This version also supports cloud printing; a feature introduced in the new Android 4.4 KitKat. The application shows available printers and some basic options, such as number of copies and paper size. This functionality may not be very useful for some people, but there is no doubt a hand in the wheel when you need to print a document and are not near a computer.

In addition to the new features, Google has also implemented some memory consumption enhancements as part of the Svelte Project, which should make the application faster.

For download .apk, download the Gmail 4.7 app to your SD card by going to this link. Then follow the onscreen instructions and leave your opinion about the new version in the comments below!

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