Gmac – A Mac OS X themed Linux


There are many people who like the look of the Apple system, however, do not want or cannot afford to pay for a Macbook or other “apple” computer, so for those who would like to be able to use a system with the look & feel from Apple, here’s a suggestion, Gmac.

We recently made a video to show Gmac on the Diolinux channel that reached a large number of views, the system caught the attention of many people and today I will make some more considerations about it.

As I said in the video, I have nothing against those who do remasters and distribute around, I think that this type of thing is at the heart of Free Software, downloading, modifying and redistributing, whatever the modifications, from the simplest to the most complex, if the system has people interested in using it in this way, it owes nothing to anyone, however, I think it is prudent to inform users that the system is remastered, as all security updates and any other modifications that the system has about this sense is the responsibility of the distribution under which the system was made, in this case Ubuntu.

Some people, in the comments on the video, thought I was «in a bad mood» to do the review because I didn’t detail the system as much as usual, so I think it’s worth a brief explanation.

The system does not really have anything different from Ubuntu, or Ubuntu Gnome in this case, both have already been unraveled on the channel a few times and really the great differential of Gmac, is a set of Gnome Shell extensions, that you could install in any distro, a set of Mac OS X GTK icons and themes, Slincold, as a launcher and Plank, the dock from the elementary OS.

All of these elements were commented on in the video and there really is no other program that comes with Gmac that doesn’t come by default in Ubuntu Gnome. For this reason, I did not go beyond what was necessary.

Complementing, in the same way as I commented in the video, whoever chooses to simply install and configure a Mac OS X theme on their Ubuntu Gnome, or even Unity, will not be losing much in relation to Gmac, after all, it is basically a theme, that’s why , see this tutorial that teaches you installing a cool Mac OS X theme on Ubuntu. This way you will download fewer files and will be using an “original” system, with a large team of developers behind it, but even so, if Gmac interests you, go ahead, freedom is that too. ?

Interested in downloading Gmac for your use? Check out this page.