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GM version of Xcode 11 "confirms" Apple AR / VR headset

As expected, Apple released yesterday, a few hours after the end of the keynote, the versions Golden master both of Xcode 11 as much as iOS 13, as well as other betas. More than one GM, however, Apple's app-building software code has further fueled the rumors about a Ma AR / VR device.

Understand that Xcode 11 code is about a headset AR / VR does not require a specialist, but it takes professionals in the field to find these codes. In this case, the Brazilian developer Guilherme Rambo and the app builder Steve Troughton-Smith have rediscovered that the latest version of the company's software has a framework ARDisplayDevice with reference to possible prototypes of the headset some of which we have already commented: Franc, Luck and Garta (belonging to HoloKit, a framework of mixed reality).

So the Xcode 11 GM released today includes the framework ARDisplayDevice, which has data files for the headset Apple AR (Franc, Luck) and HoloKit (Garta). WHAT?

References to these names had already been “dug up” in iOS 13 code, linked to a “STARTester” app that would be able to enter virtual reality mode, replicating the functionality of a headset on an iPhone for testing purposes.

There is also a reference to a “StarBoard” system for AR-enabled applications, which was also located in iOS 13.1 third beta code and iOS 13 GM, which accompanies a “Read Me” file that references specific to an Apple “HME” device.


IOS 13 GM also comes with a readme file (!) So employees know how they can run AR apps on an iPhone when you don't have access headset from Apple 😳

StarBoard appears to operate similarly to CarPlay, as the found codes indicate that the entire content should be transferred to an external display. While the details of the novelty are still unknown, Troughton-Smith believes an AR app interface will be displayed when presumably. headset Apple is connected to an iPhone.

Because they are in GM code versions of Xcode 11 and iOS 13, it is likely that Apple was prepared to announce the new technology during yesterday's keynote, but decided to abort the last minute mission, as highlighted by Rambo:


To me, it looks like the announcement was planned for keynote, but it was pulled out at the last minute. 🧐

The rumors surrounding an Apple AR / VR device are not exactly recent, but this year they have gone from suspending the infamous “Apple Glass” development program to the latest hint that the technology is practically ready. that story: let's see it to believe it.

iPhone 11 Pro in AR

By lending the feature to the Mac Pro release, Apple has released a new option to "see" the iPhone 11 Pro in AR, as if it were on your desk. Simply access this link from an iOS device and a Safari page displays the preview of the new device.

iPhone 11 Pro in AR

Then tap the "Object" button and view iPhone 11 Pro on a white background, or then "RA" to see it in the environment where you are. You can zoom and move your smartphone to check all its details, as well as save the view on your images.

Have fun! 😁

via iClarified