Glossary of the Information Society enters public consultation to solicit contributions (Updated)

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The Association for the Promotion of the Information Society – APDSI presented yesterday the Glossary of the Information Society that translates and simplifies 430 terms frequently used in the area of ​​ICT, most of them imported from English.

The main objective of the project is to contribute to the clarification of terms that quickly entered the Portuguese vocabulary through direct absorption of its original formula.

Over a year, a group of 12 employees elected and selected words that make up this first version of the glossary, which will now be sent to various entities and made available on the association’s website to receive criticism and contributions. Privileged recipients of this preliminary result will be associations, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Culture and embassies of Portuguese-speaking countries.

The deadline for receiving contributions extends until the end of the year, when the current version will be complemented and a final version of the document prepared by the association to be distributed by schools and promoted in order to help reduce the use of foreign terms will be prepared. by Portuguese equivalents, APDSI representative explained to TeK Simões Monteiro.

In general terms, the glossary is addressed to «all the communities that express themselves in Portuguese», defined José Palma Fernandes, coordinator of the project that received the code name Léxico SI.

Among the sources used in the project are other glossaries, different bibliographic sources and proposed terms by the stakeholders themselves. The group also turned to the Internet to form a discussion group on Yahoo Groups, where work was progressing.

The final work consists of the glossary, which in addition to the 430 main entries, also has 100 synonyms and 80 abbreviations, an English-Portuguese correspondence table with 620 terms and a bibliographic reference with close to 50 references. For each main glossary entry there is a definition, the corresponding entry in English and synonyms, where these exist.

The Portuguese OpenOffice team, which was represented in the preparation of the work, revealed in the meantime that it had already expressed its willingness to APDSI to «create a system online that allows the search and ordering of terms, of the dictionary type online Priberam «and to» create a term suggestion system «.

The two proposals for initiatives were also suggested to your community from whom the team asks for collaboration, through news on the website. The same document reveals that version 2.0 of in Portuguese will integrate this glossary or future versions.

Editorial Note [25-10-2005 10:57]: The news was updated with information from the project

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