Globus Consortium wants to apply grid to the business world

COLLAB distinguished with the APDC / Siemens Innovation Award

IBM, Sun, HP and Intel have announced the formation of a consortium that aims to apply the principles of network computing to the commercial and business spheres.

To achieve this objective, they intend to develop more efficient technologies in the creation of computer networks and to align a set of tools aimed at the business market with whom they are available to carry out pedagogical work on the benefits of using grid computing.

The group of companies that was already part of the Globus Alliance and which is now organizing itself in this Globus Consortium advocates the use of low-end PCs to carry out grid computing projects, instead of overly expensive supercomputers.

Based on this principle and drawing on the experience accumulated in several research projects that often use grid computing to study diseases, climate change and other issues that require millions of calculations to establish a forecast, companies intend to apply this knowledge to the companies’ market and to the commercial sphere.

The idea is to develop the concept of grid applied to financial forecasts, pharmaceutical research, oil sector, among others.

The work of the Globus Consortium also involves security issues, which in the application of grid computing technologies – mostly open source – to the business market take on a new dimension.

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