Globo G1 launches Bot for Telegram that helps you study for Enem


Anyone who is starting to get worried about this year’s Enem tests and is turning over the books to do well in the tests can use technology to make their studies more efficient and more fun.

Studying doesn’t have to be complicated, apps and sites aimed at passing on knowledge exist in droves, recently until we launched the Diolinux distance education system, so there is nothing more natural than using technology to our advantage to improve our skills, especially during test periods like Enem and entrance exams.

Today I met a Bot from Telegram that helps you do this, it was produced by the people from the G1 G1 portal and is very interesting.

What is a Telegram Bot?

Bots are one of the coolest features of Telegram, the messaging app competing with WhatsApp, we’ve talked about it several times here on the blog and one of the great advantages is being able to use it also on your computer without having to connect with your Smartphone, as WhatsApp does, – you can learn how to install Telegram Desktop here – in addition, it has several interesting features, one of which are bots.

As the name suggests, bots are “robots”, computer programs that can automate many different tasks, this G1 Bot works practically like a game where you talk to him as if he were a simple user guiding the subjects you want to study .

Telegram Bot Enem

As you can see in the image above, it works simple, the “chat” you have with him is very relaxed, the questions are interactive and you have the answer right away.

If you make a mistake, he will inform you of the mistake and tell you the correct answer:

Telegram Enem

To add this Bot to your Telegram is very simple, just click on the button below, remembering that you need to have Telegram already installed to start using it.

To the next!

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