Global VoIP services market increases 66% in 2006

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The global market for VoIP services grew by 66 percent last year to now stand at $ 15.8 billion. The results were verified by Infonetics Research, which, in its VoIP Services and Subscribers report, admits there is room for market expansion.

The consultant’s estimates indicate that by 2010 global revenues from voice over IP services are expected to triple. All because this type of services is no longer used only by the residential market, which represented 68 percent of the sector’s total turnover from 2005 to 2006, and started to be part of companies’ daily lives. Currently, the domestic use of VoIP is fixed at 71 percent, while in the corporate markets it already reaches a 29 percent share.

Infonetics Research’s analysis shows that the Asia-Pacific region dominates the VoIP service landscape in the world market, accounting for 46 percent of total users of this technology.

However, and according to the consultant’s analysis, the regions of EMEA and northern America have gained space in this sector in recent years. The same happened with the regions of Latin America and the Caribbean, where there is a significant increase in the use of VoIP services.

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