Global smartphone sales consolidate Nokia as the fastest growing brand

Global smartphone sales consolidate Nokia as the fastest growing brand

As time goes by fast. We are already close to the end of the year, with less than three months to go before Christmas. Even so, we have several smartphones to be launched before the year ends, the industry does not stop. Speaking of smartphones, the results of a new survey on smartphone sales in the second half of 2018 were released.

We don’t have much news on the list in relation to the first quarter. Samsung remains at the top, followed by Huawei in second place, a position that the Chinese giant took from Apple in the first half. In third place we have Apple and, in the fourth, Xiaomi remains, that is, we have had no changes and the positions remain the same as in the previous semester. Check it out below:

Infographic 2018Q2

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However, we had two news regarding numbers, the first of which was a decline in global smartphone sales that fell 2% compared to the same period last year. The other novelty is on account of Nokia, which had a growth of 782% thus being the company that grew the most of all. However, these numbers are not enough to make it onto the list of the seven best sellers.

I particularly enjoyed seeing this giant growth from Nokia that seems to be on track to go back to being big again as it was in the past. I hope that in the next report she will be able to join this list and consolidate her return as one of the main ones when it comes to smartphones.

And did you like to see this giant leap from Nokia?