Global PC sales increase 16.6% in the second quarter

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PC sales increased 16.6 percent in the second quarter of the year, reflecting the aggressive pricing policies put in place by the main competitors in the market. The Europe, Middle East and Africa region made a decisive contribution to the sector’s global sales, registering a growth of 20 per cent, against an increase of sales of 11.7 per cent in the American market.

IDC, which advances the numbers, guarantees that this is the biggest growth in the market since the third quarter of 2000, surpassing the consultant’s forecasts that pointed to a sales growth of around 12.3 percent.

Loren Loverde, director of IDC and one of those responsible for carrying out the study, considers the growth recorded in the quarter to be surprising, since the consultant expected a slowdown and not an increase in demand, but explains that «the continued fall in prices, the increase in demand in new regions and in different market segments continue to sustain growth «.

The same official explains that they contributed positively to the global growth of the market – which translated into the sale of 46.57 million equipment – an increase in PC sales desktop low cost and laptops more modern.

By manufacturers, the quarter ended with Dell maintaining its market leadership, which translates into a 19.3 percent share, followed by HP with 15.6 percent. Lenovo has a 7.6 percent share, followed by Acer at 4.4 percent and Fujitsu Siemens at 3.7 percent. It should be noted that Acer accumulated the highest growth in the quarter, among the main manufacturers, increasing its sales volume by 62 percent.

Gartner’s results, also released recently, show a more modest growth in this second quarter of the year, pointing to a 14.8 percent increase in the volume of sales recorded, compared to the previous year, a difference in results justified with the use different methods.

Both consultants are, however, in agreement when they say that in the second half of the year it will be difficult to repeat such a positive growth rate, even if price competitiveness between manufacturers remains, since a reduction in demand in the replacement market is expected.

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