Global PC market will grow faster than expected in 2008

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IDC estimates that the world PC market will increase more than this year than originally planned, Bloomberg writes. The consultant points out the strong sales of laptops in Europe as one of the main drivers of growth.

Along with the old continent, Latin America has also invested more in portable computers, a trend that has helped to overcome the negative impact felt in the North American market – caused by the bad economic period experienced in the country.

In this sense, according to the company’s accounts, sales are expected to increase by 15.4 percent over the course of 2008, representing a growth of 2.6 percent above the figure forecast in March. As for sales of portable computers, IDC estimates that the overall value increases by 34.5 percent and not 26.2 percent, as expected.

Low equipment prices and the advanced capabilities offered have been two incentives to search for portable equipment, reveals the consultant, indicating that, in the third quarter of next year, the value of sales of laptops should even significantly exceed the results obtained in the desktops.

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