Global PC market grows again in the last quarter of 2004

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The world PC market grew again in double digits between October and December 2004, according to the main consultants. Gartner and IDC advance additions of 10.9 and 14.7 percent respectively for the last quarter of last year. The figures differ because the measurement methods used are also different.

Compared to 2003, the values ​​registered in 2004 show growth of 14.7 for 177.5 million units, says IDC, and of 11.8 percent, for 189 million units, according to Gartner.

Both consultants attribute the growth observed to an increase in sales of portable computers, as well as to a higher consumption by the business market, both by SMEs and larger companies, which seem to have finally started a cycle of replacing obsolete machines. .

Despite the drop in prices, revenues for the PC industry also grew, as most computers sold were portable, more expensive than desktops. In 2003, sales had increased by 11 percent, but revenues remained at $ 175 billion, according to IDC.

Among the manufacturers, we highlight the performance of Dell, which strengthened its leadership, both globally and in the USA, and Acer, which managed to reach the top five group and saw its sales grow 34 percent faster than the its rivals.

Dell’s sales increased 21.1 percent globally in the fourth quarter, giving it a 17 percent market share, according to IDC. In annual terms, growth was 23 percent and the market share 17.9 percent.

Hewlett-Packard, on the other hand, lost ground in the United States, despite the promotion actions, while globally it grew nine percent in sales in the quarter and 12 percent in the year, IDC also advances, slower than the market . The world market share is now around 16 percent.

However, IBM maintained its third position as a global manufacturer, both in the quarter and in the year, although it lost the same place to Gateway after the merger with eMachines.

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