Global mobile phone market grows 7.9 percent in third quarter

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Once again, mobile phone sales surpassed previous figures, with the third quarter breaking a new record. In total, 254.9 million devices were sold worldwide, around 8 percent more than the numbers recorded between April and June this year and 21 percent more than in the same period last year, says IDC .

The consultant believes that the sales volume is related to the approach of the Christmas season, so it is expected that the increase in the demand for devices will continue to grow, not least because, with manufacturers, there is a tendency to develop new models and campaigns until the end of the year. end of year.

The results of the study again point to Nokia as the sales leader during the third quarter. The Finnish manufacturer sold 88.5 million units during that period, now occupying 34.7 percent of the market, 3.1 percent more than in the same quarter of 2005.

The second place in the ranking sales is occupied by Motorola, which sold around 54 million pieces of equipment, which guarantees a 21.1 percent market share.

Worldwide sales by Samsung (30.7 million) and Sony Ericsson (19.8 million) earned them third and fourth place, representing a market share of 12 and 7.8 percent in the global market.

IDC’s quarterly report states that the demand for mobile phones has been growing in emerging markets, due to the offer of low-cost devices, while in mature markets, the trend is towards the acquisition of equipment that has new capacities or design more appealing, namely ultra-thin phones and MP3 players.

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