Global IT investments slow this year

Netscape's father creates investment fund for IT companies

IDC predicts that global IT spending will slow down over the course of this year. Investments will become more controlled which will cause a significant drop in the results of the main manufacturers,

According to the consultant, the amounts channeled to IT will increase only half a percentage point throughout 2009. The restraint reflects the moment of crisis and marks the trend that the quarterly numbers reported by manufacturers have been showing in recent months: the fall, says the IDC.

The semiconductor market appears to be the one that will suffer most from the effects of divestment and, according to Gartner, the numbers could be bleak. The consultant says it expects a 24.1 percent drop this year, bringing its market value to $ 194.5 billion.

Gartner’s forecasts go even further and indicate that before 2010 the chips should not recover, affecting the world economy in the sector.