Global broadband investment grows to 72 billion

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Telecommunications operators around the world are expected to invest a total of around US $ 72 billion (€ 52.242 billion) in mobile broadband technologies over 2010, an increase of 15 percent over the previous year.

The announcement is made by the GSM Association and is based on CAPEX investment data (Capital Expenditure – the capital used to acquire or improve a company’s physical assets), gathered by Deutsche Bank.

The Asia-Pacific region will benefit the most, with spending amounting to $ 43 billion. It follows North America, with nearly 19 billion dollars, and Europe with 14 billion.

Mobile broadband is expected to account for 52 percent of the total infrastructure investment planned by operators. North America will be the region that will most invest in technology (80% of its CAPEX).

Alongside the investment, HSPA will see significant growth. At the end of the year, there will be close to 340 million connections in this protocol, when the rate of growth will be 13 million new connections per month.

Of the estimated total for the end of 2010, Europe leads, with 120 million connections, while Asia-Pacific adds 116 million and North America 58 million.