gLinux – Google launches Linux distro for internal use based on Debian Testing


Google announced a new Linux distribution for use in internal development called gLinux, which will be based on Debian, this distro will replace Goobuntu, which is currently used and is based on Ubuntu, as the name suggests.

Google has been using Goobuntu for more than five years, a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and modified by the company to better adapt to its development needs, however, that should change as the company decided to replace Goobuntu with what is being called gLinux, a new distro based on Debian Testing.

This news had been announced in Debconf17, in August last year, however, only now has the change really caught the eye. You can even check the presentation below:

The basic transition from Ubuntu 14.04 LTS to Debian Testing will be completely managed by Google thanks to a tool created by the company so that it is possible to “transform one system into another”, without having to reinstall all stations from scratch.

Google is not going to download gLinux for download, but promised to contribute strongly to the Debian project, sending all changes and code improvements that are made directly to the project, so that it is distributed to everyone, thus preventing the proprietary tools that will be included in the distro for internal use are leaked or some sensitive information is shared “by mistake”.

You can see information about the gLinux project straight from the Debian conference around 12 minutes in the video above. Margarita Monterola comments that the choice for Debian is due to the Rolling Release format of the Testing version especially, although the project is still being tested, the Google employee mentioned that they only intend to launch the system for all company employees when it is “ready” . ”

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