Glintt reacquires Netpeople

EMC invests $ 2.3 billion in acquisition

Glintt, ex-Pararede, acquired all of Netpeople, in an operation announced in a statement to the Securities Market Commission and which cost the company 5.3 million euros.

In the document, it is explained that the business follows the group’s strategy and «aims to enhance synergies». With the new operation, the company led by Costa Freire acquires 51 percent of Netpeople’s capital from Multipessoal, a participation that represents a total of 22,950 shares and respective voting rights.

It is recalled that NetPeople belonged to ParaRede until October last year. At that time the company announced the sale of 51 percent of its capital to Multipessoal, justifying the operation as a way to «take advantage of reciprocal complementarities in the area of ​​outsourcing of human resources specialized in IT».

At the time, the sale had earned the company € 5 million.

NetPeople is dedicated to providing computer services to third parties in the areas of web development, databases and corporate management, document management, systems administration and others.