Glintt invoices close to 100 million euros until September

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Glintt, a company that results from the merger between Pararede and Consiste, today showed an improvement in net results of around 284 percent. In the first nine months of the year, the company, now led by Fernando Costa Freire, achieved net results of 4 million euros. Revenues stood at 96.3 million euros.

The provision of services and the sale of own products were the areas that most contributed to the results achieved between January and September, indicates the statement sent to the Securities Market Commission.

The merger with Consiste allows the former Pararede to increase its net profit by 284 percent and turnover growth by 122 percent, advances explained by the increase in the company’s consolidation perimeter. That is, with the inclusion of Consiste’s results.

Another novelty of the merger is a more heterogeneous distribution of the businesses that contribute the most to the company’s business. IT infrastructure services remain the main source of revenue, accounting for 23 percent of turnover, but have now been closely followed by the Parma Solutions and Projects & Construction units, both weighing 18 percent on turnover.