Glintt increases profits by 52% in the first quarter

تنشئ Glintt وحدة أعمال جديدة لبيع الخدمات السحابية

Glintt ended the first quarter of this year with profits of 806 thousand euros, a result that represents a pro-forma growth of 52 percent, compared to the same period last year.

EBITDA also improved by 28 percent to 2.2 million euros, although turnover decreased by 11 percent to 26.7 million euros.

The provision of services remains the most relevant business area in Glintt’s activity, representing 68 percent of turnover.

In the statement sent to the Securities Market Commission, the company writes that the first quarter «took place according to the announced perspectives» and that for this reason it maintains the forecasts indicated at the end of last year.

These estimates indicated that, at the end of the year, the EBITA margin would vary between 7 and 8 percent.

Glintt is the result of the merger between ParaRede and Consiste, announced by the companies at the beginning of last year and approved by shareholders in June.