Glintt formalizes purchase of Spanish women

تنشئ Glintt وحدة أعمال جديدة لبيع الخدمات السحابية

Glintt has agreed to purchase Spanish companies Consoft and Farmasoft for a total of 20 million euros.

In a statement sent to the Securities Market Commission (CMVM), the former Pararede announces that the former will be acquired in its entirety, while its subsidiary Farmasoft, will cede 55 percent of the capital.

Consoft produces, develops and maintains pharmacy management software in about 4,500 pharmacies in Spain, says the note sent by Glintt to CMVM. Farmasoft is dedicated to the sale and maintenance of hardware, installation of pharmaceutical software, training of users and provision of technical assistance to nearly 700 pharmacies in the Madrid area.

The consolidated EBITDA of these two companies estimated for this year is 2.4 million euros, points out the statement.

The acquisition of Consoft and Farmasoft is still subject to public deed, as well as approval by the Spanish competition authority.

The operation reinforces Glintt’s business in Spain, according to the company, where it already owned 100 percent of Pulso, a company that also develops software for pharmacies.

«With these two acquisitions, Glintt reaffirms its strategic commitment to internationalization and reinforces its leadership position in pharmacy management software in the Iberian Peninsula», it can be read in the document.