Glintt doubles revenue in 2008

تنشئ Glintt وحدة أعمال جديدة لبيع الخدمات السحابية

Glintt, which results from the merger of Consiste and ParaRede, ended 2008 with revenues of 132.34 million euros.

The figure represents a doubling of the figure for the previous year, of 58.45 million euros.

Also in terms of net results, the company more than doubled the values ​​obtained in 2007 for the two companies, recording profits of 4.3 million euros, an increase of 165.7 percent.

EBITDA stood at 10.3 million euros.

In 2009, Glintt will maintain its focus on its three strategic business areas: consulting and integration; infrastructures and support and outsourcing, with the launch of new products and services.

Internationalization will also continue to occupy a prominent place.

Priority markets are Spain, Angola and Latin America.

It should be noted that the most relevant business area of ​​the group in 2008 was the provision of services, which accounted for two thirds of the turnover achieved, approximately 86 million euros.

Third-party products are the second most relevant area in Glintt’s business at 34 million euros.