Glaze is an application for iPhone and iPad that makes your photos look like art paintings

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Imagine if you could transform your digital photos into paintings imitating oil painting? Well, you can, thanks to the app Glaze, for iPhone and iPad.

It does exactly what it promises: it transforms any photo into a classic painting, thanks to filters built into the app. You only need to have the image in your iPhone or iPad photo library to apply the effects. And the result is surprising.

The application applies the effects easily and quickly, with more than 20 different filters, according to the style.

And the cool thing is that it records the image in high resolution, even making it possible to have the photo printed or else to create personalized cards. On the new iPad, the image gets even bigger. ?

Anyone who wants to check some images in high resolution, without reduction, can see this link, this, this or this.

THE Glaze can be found on the App Store (link) for the price of $ 2.99. It has a Universal version, that is, the same app runs on both the iPad screen and the iPhone and iPod touch screen.