Glamos é o gadget que promete transformar qualquer tela normal em touch

Glamos the gadget that promises to turn any normal screen into touch

A new gadget promises to turn any screen into a touch screen, Glamos is in crowdfunding on the site IndieGoGo, was developed by two former Samsung engineers and has already raised R $ 2,613,850, an amount that will be more than enough for the project to continue with its stages. Those interested in the project can obtain a Glamos for R $ 759, according to the listing on the website. This is the value for the basic kit, there are kits up to R $ 8,353.

The Glamos is a really small device, smaller than a mouse (measuring 3.7 cm), after connecting to the desired system, it is able to offer the normal functionality of a touch screen, also allowing remote gesture readings. For its intelligent functionalities, it uses LIDAR technology, also present in autonomous cars and robots.

Now you can control your AndroidTV within the Google Home ecosystem!

According to the manufacturer, this small device is compatible with most smartphones, tables, desktop computers, smart TVs today. It is possible to cover a radius of up to 91 centimeters with Glamos, which guarantees its usability on really large screens.

The creators of this device also highlight its use with mobile games, "Glamos turns any mobile game into a Nintendo Wii game". As it is possible to interact without being close to the screen, mobile games can really take on new meaning with this tool. To ensure accuracy in movements, gestures are captured at a frequency of 40Hz, that is, movements are observed 40 times per second.

Creating a crowdfunding campaign has been the solution for many companies to get their devices into the final manufacturing stage, even large companies. Huami, for example, Xiaomi's sub-brand, is preparing to launch one of its smart bracelets also through the website IndieGoGo.

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