Gizmodo unveils Apple's internal note on screen problems with the new iMac

While we wait for another correction for the new iMacs, affected by graphic problems due to their normalization of delivery, which remains interrupted, the Gizmodo got an internal note from the Apple support website covering a defect in the all-in-one screen that results in yellow tones appearing in the lower portion. The problem, still not officially recognized by Apple, primarily affects 27-inch models, but it can also manifest itself on some 21.5-inch machines.

As you can see by the red bar at the top of the image above, the problem is being investigated confidentially by Apple, which guides its employees to avoid a hardware replacement at this time. THEGizmodoApparently, he only considered this as a request to deny the existence of the problem. However, think for a second: if all the machines currently on sale may be in trouble, is it worth changing one, two or even four times, following what some customers with machines afflicted by the problem have done?

One of the readers of Gizmodo suspects that this problem is related to a defect that exists between the backlighting LED and the LCD screen, which prevents it from displaying colors perfectly. He managed to fix the defect on his own, but he doesn't know for sure what he would have fixed: he just said that he carefully disassembled and reassembled the iMac, which must have violated his warranty.

, folks, the extent of this problem is much bigger than imagined and serves as a way of recognizing that it is worth waiting a few weeks to see these iMacs on display in our national store. Three weeks from now, in the same time period in which the 27 ″ models are expected to return to normal, the affected users will begin to be serviced by Apple, in order to have their machines repaired (apparently, only the screen will be changed) .

Now, expect what Apple will talk about on the subject next month.