Give your smartphone or tablet more power with the 5 best apps of the week

As usual, the curators of SAPO TEK gathered some of the best news from the digital stores of Apple and Google to help you give more energy to your smartphone or tablet.

We started the week with an application that promises to give you a better understanding of the routine with your smartphone by counting the number of times you unlock it. Instagram or TikTok enthusiasts and aspiring influencers can make publishing more fun with an app that creates 3D animal and celebrity emojis.

But if you're tired of spending the weekend washing and ironing clothes, why not ask for help from Rosa? The application created by a Portuguese company wants to offer more quality of life and free time to people through a mobile service for collecting and delivering laundry, ironing and dry cleaning to the home.

To bring more fun to the week, the SAPO TEK team also proposes two mobile games. The first is aimed at those who aspire to be a successful international chef, even if it is in the virtual world. The second for high-speed racing lovers who want to prove their dexterity.

Know in detail all the suggestions from SAPO TEK

Unlock Clock: an app (like a wallpaper) to count the times you look at your smartphone

Admittedly a utility: counts the number of times you unlock your smartphone. And, most likely, it will make you think about it …

You can find the Unlock Clock in the Google application store, and it's fine, but if you download it, you won't find it in that format.

This counter of the times that unlocks your smartphone actually works disguised as an interactive wallpapper. It is a simple but smart feature that aims to help you have a better understanding of your routine with your smartphone.

Possibly you will reach the end of the day (or you will not even need to arrive) and be amazed by the amount of accesses added and it is very likely that, most of the time, you will not even remember what they were for …

The dirty laundry is piling up and you don't have time to take care of it? Pea a help Dona Rosa

For now, Dona Rosa's "virtual laundry" works only in the municipality of Lisbon. But the expansion of the area in which the company provides services to the whole of Lisbon and Porto is in the plans.

Imagine that your washing machine stops working from one moment to the next. What to do when you are grappling with a mountain of socks, sheets and many other items, and without time to go to a self-service laundry? Dona Rosa can help you. The application wants to establish itself as the first mobile service in Portugal to collect and deliver laundry, ironing and dry cleaning to the home.

It is true that home laundry and ironing services are not new. However, the company that created the application promises to differentiate itself by the simplicity of the whole process. According to Rodrigo Ruiz and Toms Noronha, founders of the company, mentioned in a press release, the objective is to offer more quality of life and free time to people. Our customers do not need to waste time on phone calls and appointments, they do not need to fill out forms or send us emails, clarify those responsible.

Dona Rosa's virtual laundry is open 24 hours, every day of the week. From the application, the user can schedule collections and deliveries of clothing at the time and location that is most convenient. Through Dona Rosa, you will also be able to take care of the curtains and carpets that are on the storeroom. The company indicates that orders are ready in 48 hours and the laundry is ironed and delivered on the third day.

For now, the application works only in the municipality of Lisbon, covering the areas from Restelo to Parque das Naes. But the expansion of the area in which the company provides services to the whole of Lisbon and Porto is in the plans. Dona Rosa is available both for Android, in the Play Store, and for iOS, in the App Store.

Tasty Town: from the vegetable garden to the tables. Become a successful international chef

Whether in a caravan selling dogs or in a luxury restaurant, Tasty Town is a strategy game for those with a keen palate and an eye for business.

The proposal for smartphones Tasty Town invites players to develop their food business in different settings. Whether selling steaks in a caravan, serving pizzas in an Italian establishment or running a luxury restaurant, this game also invites players to create their raw materials for the best dishes, that is, the ingredients grown directly from the garden.

The game offers different design options to create the restaurants, and it is possible to paint and furnish each room to more comfortably welcome hungry customers, eager to taste great flavors.

To be successful, you have to participate in a variety of mini-games and activities, such as quickly serving customers in a hurry. Obviously, those who look at the details will evaluate the aesthetics of the space, so they will have to have good taste in the choice of decorations. You can also hire chefs from different countries and cultures to create a diverse offer.

Other activities include delivery of products on the truck, holding parties in an event space for special rewards. You can download Tasty Town for free on Android and iOS versions.

Do you need 3D animated animal and celebrity Emojis? With this app for Android it is possible

It's called Anymoji – 3D Animated Emoji and allows you to animate animal and celebrity emojis, which you can then share on social networks like Instagram and TikTok.

Animojis were one of the great new features of the iPhone X, launched in 2017, and since then Android users can also create them. The animated version of the animal emojis can be created using the Anymoji – 3D Animated Emoji application, but there are also other models at your disposal.

Animals and celebrity avatars are some of the emojis that you can animate with the application, which also allows you to do it with several faces simultaneously. So you can animate monkeys, pigs and lions as well as some familiar faces, all of them in 3D.

But the application also makes it possible to change the background of the animation. Among the various options, you can add a video or edit just some detail, such as color or pattern. The end result can be shared on various social networks, such as Instagram and TikTok.

The app is free and available on the Google Play Store. However, the premium version naturally has some advantages, including unlimited animal emojis and works of art without a watermark.

Earn points by jumping your car as far as possible

Ramp Car Jumping does not have much to deceive: accelerate hard before crossing the ramp and jump to cover as far as possible.

It is a simple command game, as you only have to keep your finger on the screen to accelerate. Accumulate a few points because the distance covered will only increase with the purchase of some items.

It has engine upgrades, accelerations and bonuses to improve your jumps and destroy the scenery and make the necessary skills that help you collect more points.

As it evolves in the game, it will unlock new cars, with better associated performances. Also know that there are goals and barriers to overcome before you can change your level.

Ramp Car Jumping is free and available for both Android and iOS.

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