Give One, Get One from OLPC with worldwide reach

Give One, Get One from OLPC with worldwide reach

One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) announced that the «Give One, Get One» program (G1G1) will have a worldwide reach later this year, reaching all countries where XO has achieved certification.

After the recent extension of the program to Europe, OLPC now says that the low-cost computer could reach new countries such as Peru, Uruguay, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria or Australia, among others.

This is the second edition of this initiative, which last year was limited to the United States, where it was quite successful.

The program includes the purchase of two pieces of equipment, one for donation to a child in a developing country.

Access to the OLPC pack is through Amazon, a partner of the initiative. In Europe, those interested will be able to purchase the package of two computers for 312 euros, plus shipping costs.