GitHub beta app now available for iOS

After just over a year since the acquisition of GitHub (source control platform with version control) by Microsoft in a gigantic transaction of $ 7.5 billion finally the company made the first big shake to leverage the platform by launching your first mobile app.

The news, which is in beta for iOS, offers some basic features such as sharing discussion comments, reviewing code descriptions, and posting new topics.

Introducing GitHub for Mobile Devices. Review code lines, participate in a design discussion, merge changes, and more. GitHub gives you the flexibility to keep workflow and contact your team from wherever you are. github/mobile #GitHubUniverse

According to the GitHub team, the app's focus is on the features users would most use on a mobile device, rather than replicating the full platform experience while on the iPad, the extra space and mouse and keyboard support could help even more. in this use.

There is so much you can do on GitHub that doesn't require a complex development environment, like sharing comments on a design discussion and reviewing a few lines of code. Now we are making it easy to do these tasks, no matter where you work, with a wonderfully native experience.

According to GitHub vice president of engineering Dana Lawson, the company was already “flirting” with the idea of ​​creating an app, but it was never “the right time”. As people are now getting more time on their mobile devices, even for professional tasks, the platform has had to run so as not to fall short of its users' need.

If you are interested in joining the team of beta testers GitHub, simply subscribe to the platform (if you do not already have a register) to have access to the community Testlight. Android users, on the other hand, should wait a little longer to start testing the app (but the waitlist entries are already open).

In addition to an app, GitHub also announced some news for its platform, such as enhanced notifications and new features for browsing, searching, code review and reminder scheduling. In addition, GitHub Actions (similar to Siri Shortcuts, but for programming) now automate tasks such as creating and updating codes even faster.

Finally, the company announced a new version of the GitHub Enterprise Server, platform focused on business use.

via TechCrunch