GitHub app for iOS and Android leaves beta phase and gets news

GitHub para iOS

A few months ago, we talked about the arrival of the official GitHub for iOS – the first major initiative for the source code hosting platform after its acquisition by Microsoft. At the time, the app was still in beta, available only to interested parties participating in the distribution program on TestFlight.

Now, no more: the application has already reached the final version, with news and general availability for all users (in the iOS and in Android, too).

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Version 1.2.2 (21.5 MB) Requires iOS 13.0 or superior

In general, the purpose of the app remains the same: the idea is not to offer a complete development environment (which remains exclusive to computers), but a central organization and monitoring of project development. It is possible to check the writing of the code within a team, for example, in addition to organizing and assigning tasks, and leaving comments on specific parts of the work.

In general, the application does not have many changes compared to the one distributed in the beta phase, but we have improvements, too: it is already possible, for example, to view all files within a given repository – before, it was only possible to open the README file, For reference.

GitHub Mobile is officially leaving the beta phase and entering general availability today. Read more and download:

In addition, according to GitHub’s engineering director, Ryan Nystrom, the past few months have been about improving the app: the app’s development team fixed more than 200 bugs, handled over 400,000 notifications and merged more than 20,000 changes into the code. In total, there were more than 60 thousand developers supervising the creation of the app – in the best spirit of collaboration that is the “soul” of GitHub.

The official platform app can now be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play – in the case of iOS, it even has a version adapted for iPads that divides the interface into two columns and allows quick viewing of content. For developers around the world, it’s worth checking out.