Giraffas network turns your iPhone into soccer goalposts

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It is not new that the iPhone screen was made to recognize touches of fingers, not objects. So, how do you get it to recognize other types of material that allow interactive games?

The Brazilian network Giraffes achieved the feat using the integration of the deviceā€™s microphone, accelerometer and front camera.

Taking advantage of the World Cup, the fast-food chain is distributing tray towels in the shape of a football field, with markings to interact with an application made especially for the iPhone. Free on the App Store, the GiraGol (link) can be downloaded by the customer, who turns the tray into an interactive game board. Just place the iPhone with the application open, cut out the part of the paper that will become a ball and then just try to score.

How does it work? The front camera calculates the distance of the ball and the respective angle. The touch of the ball on the screen is identified by the deviceā€™s accelerometer (so it is important to play it hard) and the microphone is able to determine where on the screen the ball touched. We donā€™t know yet how accurate this is, but it really is quite an ingenious thing.

Check out the video:

The advertising piece is very creative. We have not yet had the opportunity to go to a Giraffas restaurant to check up close, but we tried to use only the application, without much success. The lack of an orange paper ball and the right markings on the football field hindered our game experience. Therefore, it is best to try directly at the restaurant, with all the necessary material. ?