Giphy wants you to offer "physical" gifs this Valentine's Day

We are barely more than a weekly Valentine's Day and Giphy has a different proposal to mark the date: this year, the company wants you to offer a gif to your partner.

The company is working in partnership with Infinite Objects, a company specializing in video printing solutions, to create six ephemeral gifs. The gifs will be printed on a physical piece that includes a digital display and will be sold for 49 dollars per unit.

The animations were created by Giphy Studios, Giphy's in-house creative agency, and feature figures such as cats, passionate dinosaurs and cherries. In addition to the decorative component, there is no functional functionality in these parts.

Infinite Objects clarifies that these parts are displays with videos without continuous cyclic reproduction. Frames cannot be updated with new videos or gifs – there are no buttons, connectivity or apps to pair with.

It is more important to say that Infinite Objects is a beta video printing service. The platform allows you to upload and customize videos within one of these physical parts.