Giphy made it much easier to create GIFs on your Android

Giphy membuatnya lebih mudah untuk membuat GIF di Android Anda

Giphy launched a super cool tool for those who enjoy creating, sending or sharing GIFs. Best of all, you don’t even have to download an app for that, just use your Android’s browser.

Although some smartphones natively offer the option to create GIF images – Samsung, for example, brings this feature on one of the Galaxy S8’s edge screens – sometimes these services end up being limited or do not keep up with the evolution of specialized tools , like Giphy.

Other times, especially in the Play Store, the applications available for this type of action either bring abusive permissions, or advertisements or are just poorly done.

giphy tool gif maker

Upload an image or video and quickly convert it to GIF / © AndroidPIT

However, using GIF Maker, Giphy’s GIF creation tool, it’s easy, fast and simple to create and share your memes. Just go to the official GIF Maker page and get started. Works for both PC and Mobile.

You can add text, stickers, a series of animations offered by the platform, this will bring your memes to life. Even drawings can be made on the spot. Below, I used one of my videos on YouTube and made a GIF using just one expression: «bah»:

At the end, you can choose to download the GIF on your Android smartphone or make it available on Giphy and use the share link on your social networks. Another option would be to download the Giphy CAM app, which occupies 75.40MB of memory.

GIPHY CAM – The GIF Camera & GIF MakerInstall on Google Play

So, do you have another suggestion for an application that produces GIFs as quickly as this Giphy online platform?