Giphy is bigger than Snapchat with 200 million users

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Giphy, a vast repository of animations – also known as «Google of GIFs» – already has 200 million active and daily users, considering the website ( and the API version that talks to Facebook and other apps. An average of hits that makes it bigger than Snapchat. The sum of Snap active users is no more than 160 million daily. In addition, the GIF platform also has around 250 million monthly active users on the site alone – meaning that most people use the service daily. The numbers reveal love for GIFs and were revealed to Tech Crunch.

How to create an animated gif

The success of the platform opens space so that, soon, advertising will come to the service. Giphy-sponsored content would work similarly to Snapchat-sponsored face filters.

«Google of GIFs» already hits Snapchat in number of active users per day – Photo: Reproduction / Giphy

One of the implementations must take into account the use of search engines, seen by many as a “Google of GIFs”. When searching the platform, the user will be able to see some sponsored results, in the same way that Google offers when you do some research that may be related to products or services.

In addition to operating directly in the searches offered by the platform on its website, Giphy will be able to implement the function to messengers and social networks. However, there is still no set date for this type of advertising content to be available on the GIF service.