Giphy Chrome extension adds GIFs to your Gmail emails

Smart responses in Gmail

Microsoft and Twitter announced today, respectively, the possibility of adding GIFs to Outlook emails and a new button in the Twitter app for Android that allows you to select the most popular animated images on the microblog.

As we know that you love your Gmail and, for sure, you will want to reply to your friends with even more fun GIFs, we believe that this “novelty” (released in 2015…) makes a lot of sense at this moment:

With the Giphy Chrome extension, you can easily add GIFs to the body of your Gmail emails with just one click. Operation is very simple:

Just click on the Giphy button displayed at the bottom of the email compose screen to see the most popular GIFs or do a search to find other animations.

Here’s how it works:


If you don’t want to use Giphy, just upload a GIF into Gmail to see it work within your messages. Good fun!