GimpPs – An Adobe Photoshop theme for GIMP


I think these layers of learning abstraction that some users provide for others are commendable. The GIMP allows several nice modifications and today you will know the GimpPs.

The goal of the GimpPs project is to approximate what is leaving Photoshop for GIMP. Made for GIMP 2.8, the theme works on Windows, macOS and Linux (in general), it is worth noting the GTK theme in the case of Linux distros.

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GimpPs changes the look of the application and also the tool’s shortcut keys, it is perfectly comparable to our project PhotoGIMP, however, with a different theme, which may or may not, please you more.

How to install GimpPs?

The project is available at GitHub, on the page you will also find instructions for installing on all systems.

Note that it is important to have the Git installed for the installation commands to work. This varies according to the system, in Ubuntu, Debian, Mint and their derivatives what you basically need to do is:

sudo apt install git

To install on Linux:

sh -c "$(wget -O -)"

On macOS:

cd $HOME/Library/Application Support/GIMP
mv 2.8 2.8.backup
git clone --depth=1 2.8

In Windows (CMD):

ren .gimp-2.8 .gimp-2.8.backup 
git clone --depth=1 .gimp-2.8

On Windows (PowerShell):

cd $Env:UserProfile 
mv .gimp-2.8 .gimp-2.8.backup
git clone --depth=1 .gimp-2.8

See you!