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GIF, Emoji and more: Check out 4 new custom keyboards compatible with iOS 8

Not so long ago, we made an article teaching you how to install and configure third party keyboards to iGadgets. In addition, we have created a very nice list with some of the most interesting keyboards for those who want to test a new way of writing on iPads and iPhones / iPods touch.

This is a novelty of iOS 8, so, every day more appear in the App Store. Therefore, we decided to make a new wave with tips for you to know and choose the ones that suit you best.

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PopKey is the world's first animated GIF keyboard. It makes sending animated GIFs as easy as sending an Emoji. Make your friends and LOL family by sending them animated and funny GIFs by SMS or email.

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Emoji ++ is the fastest way to type Emoji on iOS. Created using the advanced capabilities of iOS 8, you can now replace the standard keyboard with custom ones. Emoji ++ is a keyboard replacement designed specifically around the idea of ​​typing Emoji as quickly as possible.

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Character Keyboard is a stylish custom keyboard that gives you easy access to over 500 special characters as you type. Designed with style and function in mind, Character Keyboard is the perfect productivity tool for anyone who writes anything on their iPhone or iPad.

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Adaptxt Keyboard, an intuitive, award-winning and multilingual keyboard created by KeyPoint Technologies, offers a personalized writing experience for users on iPhones, iPods and iPads. Adaptxt makes typing and communicating in different languages ​​easy, using intelligent error corrections and next word prediction features. Adaptxt Keyboard offers a personalized typing experience, learning from your writing style, offering relevant suggestions and allowing users to enter more text by typing the minimum on the keys.

If you have already installed one or more keyboards to test how everything works, you must have come across a message asking for full / unrestricted access. Before explaining exactly what it means, it is worth understanding why this message exists.

Everyone knows that Apple's ecosystem is tightly closed and that the company values ​​the security of its system. So, when Ma decided to allow the use of third party keyboards, she chose to allow these keyboards to run on iOS only within a “Sandbox”.

"Sandbox" (in Portuguese, “sandbox”) is a security mechanism that separates the applications that are running, restricting communication and the exchange of information. It is often used to run untested code, non-trusted or third party (unverified) programs.

Because of this, only a set of tightly controlled resources is normally provided so that these applications can run (such as temporary disk space and memory). Access to the network, the ability to inspect the system or read data from input devices are generally overridden or severely restricted.

Some third party keyboards can run smoothly inside this “sandbox”, while others need more resources so that the experience is complete, for example, some keyboards that need to connect to the internet (cloud) to improve the building, automatic error correction, among other things.

Exactly because they need to communicate outside the “sandbox”, these keyboards require permission to have full access. The problem is that, once that access is released, keyboard developers if they are malicious people, of course, can, for example, know exactly what you are typing. This means that logins, passwords, credit card data and much more could be captured if that is what these apps want.

It is no wonder that Apple gives the following message when the user tries to activate this option that gives full access to a third party keyboard for the first time:

Warning when giving full access to a keyboard

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In this way, Apple protects itself (legally speaking) and warns exactly what kind of power the user is giving to the developer of the application when opting for the full release of access.

Of course, this does not mean that your data will be stolen. Fortunately, there are still serious people out there, but it's good that you know exactly what you're doing when you choose to do so.

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