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Gfi closes agreement to acquire El Corte Inglés information technology to reinforce consultancy services

At the end of last year, El Corte Ingls and Grupo Gfi reached an agreement, with the acquisition of the shares of Informtica El Corte Ingls (IECISA) in full. At the time pending approval by the competent authorities, Gfi announced this Tuesday the conclusion of the partnership.

The acquisition of the company specialized in technological consultancy now intends to expand the offer of solutions and consulting services of the French group, namely in digital services in sectors such as retail, transport, public administration and smart cities. The subsidiary of El Corte Ingls also works in other areas, such as industry 4.0, cybersecurity and intelligent workplace, aiming to advise and support companies in the digital transformation jointly.

With the acquisition of the subsidiary of the retail group El Corte Ingls, the Gfi Group strengthens its position among information technology companies in Europe, Africa and Latin America, with a turnover of 2.3 billion euros in 2019. A Gfi has more than 27,000 professionals in 26 countries.

In a statement, Vincent Rouaix, CEO of the Gfi Group, explains that, in the middle of a pandemic, this acquisition shows the company's confidence in the future, in an integration that closes the company's Boost2020 development program. "We will work together to start, as soon as possible, the operational integration process, in order to activate all of our complementary synergies," he guarantees.

Gfi has been consolidating growth with a series of acquisitions, including in Portugal where it bought ROFF in 2016 and I2S in 2019.