Getting to know Liam, Apple’s new recycling robot

Getting to know Liam, Apple's new recycling robot

Apple dedicated the first part of its special event yesterday to talk, among other things, about the environment. And one of the things that Lisa Jackson, vice president of environmental, political and social initiatives at Apple, showed us for the first time was the Liam.

It is a new robot created by Apple, specifically focused on the total disassembly of iPhones for maximum reuse of parts and materials such as aluminum, copper, tungsten, silver, cobalt, lithium and others.

A single Liam, who has been operating since last month in the United States, is able to dismantle more than 1.2 million iPhones a year, just every 11 seconds. And a second to be installed soon in Europe.

THE Reuters says that the organization Greenpeace welcomed the news, but still questioned how much one or more «Liams» will impact the total world volume of products that need to be recycled. For them, although it is fantastic to see a robot doing this job so quickly, another solution to the problem would be to make this disassembly process very easy to be done also by humans.

Apple has on its website a page entirely dedicated to recycling, which luckily has already been translated into Portuguese. The video version of Liam, incorporated in the image at the top of this article, is also subtitled in our language.

Here in Brazil, those interested in sending Apple products for recycling should send an email to [email protected] or call 0800-772-3126.