Get your CPF on iPhone with the new app from the IRS

Get your CPF on iPhone with the new app from the IRS

Just as important as the RG (General Registration, also known as identity card) of a Brazilian is the CPF (Individual registration).

Precisely because it is such an important document – and necessary for those who request the Emergency Aid of R $ 600, as well as for taxpayers of IRS – the Government of Brazil launched this week the app CPF Digital RFB for iOS and Android.

CPF Digital app icon

It is important to stress that only people who have CNH (National Traffic Transit) manage to register in the app, due to the biometric identification.

With the CPF Digital RFB, it is possible to access, through smartphone or tablet, the document card and receive notifications from the IRS. For those who send their income tax returns to the government, the app also has ChatBot – a resource based on artificial intelligence to assist the citizen in filling out the Personal Income Tax Declaration (IRPF).

In relation to the interactive virtual service feature, the tool also allows you to consult information such as refund, delivery date of the declaration and fine for delay in sending the document, in addition to clarifying doubts about individual situations, such as joint declaration, Carnê-Leão and exemption. for people with serious illnesses.

The IRS informed that it intends to develop updates that expand the virtual service resource to other services besides the Income Tax. The expansion aims to reduce face-to-face assistance at the agency’s units during the pandemic of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19), in order to make CPF Digital the “gateway to the main public services”.