Get to know your gaming PC better through online tools

Games are increasingly complex, and many of them feature new graphics engines that raise the requirements of computers. When buying a PC game, this is a mandatory aspect to know if you can play it, or at least, in an acceptable way. In retail stores, boxed games always have information about the minimum requirements, such as those recommended by the publisher, but in certain digital stores, especially those that sell random keys, not always clear information.

There are different tools to perform online diagnostics, in order to check if computers have the necessary requirements to run a new game, such as Can You Run it. This is the oldest (it has existed since 2005) and is a popular tool, making it possible to diagnose the machine by searching for a video game. In addition, it also lists the computer in a ranking of gaming capacity.

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PCGameBenchmark has additional advantages: in addition to checking whether the hardware of the machine in question still runs the new titles, it lists the games that still run on the PC. In other words, it is a little reverse process for those who want to play something, but are not sure which game is still supported.

In the diagnosis of the application (done through an executable) it is also mentioned which components of the computer must be exchanged, such as the CPU, the graphics card, memory and others. If you do not want to risk running the application, you can then submit the details of the computer in the small survey available and obtain the results.

Still within the website, users can take hardware knowledge a little further, accessing comparisons between the different models of components and even portable computers, in case they are thinking of changing something.