Get to know the news of the LG G2 that arrived in Brazil



GDiscovery accompanied the launch of the LG G2 in Brazil yesterday.

The press conference, held at the Bienal pavilion, showed the brand new LG G2, the LG device that arrives on the market to be the current top of the line for the brand.

LG G2, which is expected to lend part of its resources to the Nexus 5, comes with a 5.2 inch HD IPS screen. 2.26 Ghs Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Quad Core processor and 3,000 mAh battery with SiO + technology that promises longer life and less time to charge.

In addition, the device comes with a 13 MP camera with OIS technology that offers optical image stabilization and a 24-bit Hi Fi audio system.

However, the highlight for the device is the rear button, called the Smart Button, which offers access to on and off functions, volume adjustment, photo shooting and the ability to turn off the alarm when the device is facing the screen down.

In the usability of the device, LG offers its traditional interface as an extra layer on Android and offers new features such as Audio Zoom, which allows where the device should focus on capturing audio (while a video is being recorded) and the KnockOn function that allows you to turn the device on and off with two quick taps on the screen.

At the invitation of LG, the GD can check the LG G2 and can play with the device briefly.

On the footprint, the device proved to be very light (even attached to the table) and it was possible to notice that the edges, without buttons, have a narrow and thin design.

The rear button, which is the main highlight of the model, gave an initial impression of strangeness, mainly because it offers a totally different experience than we are used to.

Next to the on / off button, there are two other buttons to increase and decrease the volume.

We also tried to test the camera’s ability to see how OIS technology works in practice.

In fact, some of the photos came out very sharp, even with the device in motion.

Others, however, seemed to reveal ghostly figures, just like any camera on the market.

We also quickly tested the Audio Zoom feature with colleagues from the press who were on site.

The feature apparently managed to cancel out the ambient noise and focus on the audio to be captured.

Due to live music, during the presentation of the products, our test was very limited but impressed.

LG G2 reaches retail stores in Brazil for R $ 1,999.00.