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Get to know the new spotlight story

Google Spotlight Stories is an app where Google plays small stories in 360-degree interactive video, it's part of Motorola's look, and it seemed a bit abandoned. See you today. A new Spotlight story appeared today: ON ICE is a 360 degree animation.

ON ICE was first released on the YouTube app – Spotlight stories have been available there since December. and shows an ice skating musical performance about a futuristic Star Wars-inspired duel with a special guest. The story has not yet reached Google Spotlight Stories, but the video promises that the app will receive the video and new updates soon.

In addition to ON ICE, the Google Spotlight Stories YouTube channel also climbed the making of and the HELP story, which was the first, and only so far, live action produced by them. To watch stories, you must have the Spotlight or YouTube app, since in the web only the trailer will be displayed.

In Spotlight, you can download stories (HELP was almost 1GB), while on YouTube you can watch online. Also, although the stories have 3D support, only on YouTube I could watch with Google Cardboard. Unfortunately, Google Spotlight Stories is not compatible with all devices.

Google Spotlight Stories
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Install on Google Play

Did you like ON ICE? What's your favorite Spotlight story?

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