Get to know the main news of Android 8 “Oreo”

Get to know the main news of Android 8 "Oreo"

Since the first test images were announced on March 21 this year, the system has received several increments. Let us know now the main news of the new Android.


There are many new things coming up and here we will highlight the main and most relevant. It is curious to note that many of these features were already present in versions customized by manufacturers of Smartphones and Tablets and now incorporate the so-called pure Android as well.

We can divide the new functions into:

1 – Direct interaction with the user

Native Picture in Picture function: You can now use Apps in overlapping and tiled windows;

Notification points on screen: The idea is that you can access app notifications just by holding the App icon without necessarily opening it, as well as accessing shortcuts within the App itself without opening it;

Auto Fill Function: It is should expedite login and access to passwords in various services;

New smart text selection: Especially for those who use physical keyboards to work with Android.

2 – Performance and Security Updates:

Performance Optimizations (Battery and Runtime): This will have a higher automatic limitation of what applications, services and location updates will be able to access when running in the background, which should have a positive impact on the battery life of the devices;

Google Play Protect: Every day more transactions are made in the service, so it’s a really important point to always improve;

The Play Console, which the panel for Android developers, has also received some upgrades.

A third division we can do is:

3 – Interface Interoperability Changes

Visual changes of the standard Android interface;

New Notification Channels: You have more freedom to control Apps notifications individually;

New Emojis Package;

Adaptive cones: New icons that are better able to adapt to different screens and different applications;

Wi-Fi Aware Support, which allows two geographically close devices to exchange information even without the internet;

Change from audio API to PRO Audio, which allows for higher quality and lower latency. Nowadays many people are using the gadgets to work with music and this can be a hand on the wheel;

New effects and transitions of audio;

Possibility to enable Wi-Fi automatically with a simple option that can be turned on and off in the settings

– And it was set in motion the Project Treble, which will seek to decrease Android’s fragmentation, More information at this link. It should help manufacturers upgrade to newer versions of the system.

A few more thoughts on Android 8

The appearance itself has not changed much, we have some slightly different shades of color in the launcher, but nothing much. According to Google, the Android Java virtual machine is 2 times faster, which should make the system even better, as I have not seen benchmarks, I can not tell if the information really confirms.

So far only Pixel and Nexus devices should receive the update, but as always, the other brands should bring the system to their devices slowly, it is worth checking the schedule of your device manufacturer.

These are the main news of the new Android, what did you think? What role did you enjoy the most?

See you next time!