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IOS 9.3 brings iPhone users the Night Shift feature, also known as night mode. This feature goes beyond the traditional automatic brightness, making a change in screen colors between a certain time. With this, the user never tires of looking at the device screen at night or under low light conditions. The Lux app has offered this feature to Android users for a while, if you don't already know it, find out in this article how to use it and have the same feature on your smartphone that Apple implements on their devices.

It is well documented that the light produced by smartphones negatively affects users' sleep cycle. One way to reduce these effects is to decrease screen brightness, but Android's default settings still have a rather high minimum limit. There is a way to make your Android smartphone screen even darker.

The easiest way to reduce glare beyond the minimum is to download your own app from the Google Play store. A good choice the app called Lux. It has a free version and a paid version. Both allow you to reduce the brightness of your display beyond the normal limit.

Lux Lite
Install on Google Play

How to have night mode on Android

Download Lux ​​Lite from the link above and during installation follow the instructions to give the app data usage access. Click on the app icon and you can adjust the brightness of your display to levels well below normal.

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Lux app for Android. / ANDROIDPIT

The midpoint of the Lux brightness range is 0% of the Android default setting. With Lux you can select negative brightness values, and also have various setting options to automate brightness during the day or under certain conditions.

These reduced values ​​will not only improve your sleep cycle, but will also consume less battery life on your smartphone. Lux has been optimized by its developer and, unlike previous versions, is not consuming much RAM when in the background.

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Settings for the Lux app, which brings night mode to your Android. / ANDROIDPIT

What's your favorite apps for reducing brightness on Android?

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