Get the most out of Google Now with these voice commands

Get the most out of Google Now with these voice commands

Google Now is present on almost every Android device today, however, the wizard is not always used by most users. To get the most out of the service, we've decided to make a list of the best voice commands you can use.

Take a shortcut

Using Google Now Voice Commands

To open Google Now, simply go to the Google search bar or open the official search app (Google App), and select the microphone cone displayed in the right corner. Many devices and smartwatches respond to the "Ok Google" command to activate the service automatically.


Google has overhauled the Google Now weather forecast panel again. Now the information is displayed, simplified as the weather to up to 10 days, and weather conditions like the humidity. If location services are enabled, the information displayed will be relevant to your location. Use the command "How's the weather"

This Google Now weather dashboard:

androidpit bra google now 1
This is the Google Now weather forecast panel / AndroidPIT

These are other weather commands you can use for Google Now:

How to be (Saturday) in (Madrid) It's going to rain at (10 pm) How is the weather in (London) What is the weather forecast for (Orlando) What is the maximum / minimum temperature for (today) )

Communication (WhatsApp)

You can send messages to WhatsApp contacts using the following voice commands:

Option 1: Send (message text) to (contact name) by WhatsApp "(or some small variation thereof); Option 2: Send message from WhatsApp", "(contact name)" and "(message text)" ;

Editor's Note: Both commands require submission confirmation, a simple "Yes" or tapping the submit button will fix this.

SMS / Calling Commands

Call (Sergio) Call (Sergio) Call (Pizzaria do Sergio) Send a message to (Sergio) saying (come home later) Send an email to (Sergio) subject (movie) message (we need to buy tickets) Send an email to (Sergio) saying (come here today) Send an SMS to (Sergio) saying (buy popcorn) Send an SMS to (Sergio)

androidpit bra google now 11
Call your contacts quickly / AndroidPIT


Coordinates for (Santa Catarina) Map of (Brazil) Locate (Catedral da S) Show the nearest restaurantEndereo do (Ministry of Agriculture)

androidpit bra google now 10
Know how far you are from one city to another using only your voice / AndroidPIT

Events in (So Paulo) Distance to (Santa Catarina) (Restaurants) Nearby – To find pharmacies, restaurants, etc.Tourists of (Santa Catarina) Tourist Attractions of (Berlin)

androidpit bra google now 2
Directions of a route in Google Now / AndroidPIT


YouTube (How to Make Lasagna) Browse YouTube (Giovana Knocked Out the Oven) Watch (Funny Mind) Trailer (Schindler's List) Actor (The Proposal) Who Acted in (Star Wars) Director of (Don Quixote) Author of (Dom Casmurro)

androidpit bra google now 3
Videos on YouTube via Google Now / AndroidPIT


Open (AndroidPIT Brazil) V to (AndroidPIT Brazil)

androidpit bra google now 12
Quick access to sites that interest you / AndroidPIT


Flight Status (IB376) Flight Number (IB376) Flights to (Miami)

androidpit bra google now 4
Do a quick search of tickets areas / AndroidPIT


Alarm for (9 am) Create reminder (go to the supermarket) for (3 pm) Wake me up at (7 am) Create event on the calendar (July 23) at (9 am) with subject (birthday) Sergio) Timer (20 minutes) How to be my day (Tomorrow)

androidpit bra google now 9
Set up alarm via Google Now / AndroidPIT

General information and sports

Age of (Suzana Vieira) What time is it in (Lisbon) Where is the (nearest hospital) Convert (R $ 100) to (euros) How old is (So Paulo) When (Obama) was bornHorry in (Manaus) Result from (Copa America) Who plays in (Flamengo) Winner of (World Cup 2014) Photos from (Fonte Nova Stadium) Where he was born (Jennifer Lopez) Recipe of (Pot meat)

androidpit bra google now 8
Local and world time through Google Now / AndroidPIT


How to write (glasses) in (german) Say (what time is it) in (german) What does (arachnophobia) Husband of (Calista Flockhart) mean

androidpit bra google now 7
Word translation directly on Google Now / AndroidPIT


Add (50) + (20) Divide (50) by (5) (10) percent of (500) Square root of (126)

androidpit bra google now 6
Calculations via Google Now / AndroidPIT

What voice command do you use most in Google Now?

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