Get ready to save more internet with this Google Chrome feature

Bersiaplah untuk menghemat lebih banyak internet dengan fitur Google Chrome ini

Google has implemented a number of features on both Android and Chrome to save users’ internet data, thinking mainly of those with more basic franchises or packages. Datally was recently launched with this objective: to help us monitor mobile internet consumption, for example. The next step in this direction is LazyLoad for Google Chrome.

LazyLoad, which will arrive first in Chrome for Android, is a feature that allows the browser to load websites progressively. This means that only texts, images and other elements that are visible to the user will first be loaded. The other parts of the content are loaded little by little as the user starts to scroll the page, that is, this function does not load the page completely, but according to the navigation.

Any savings are welcome, even if it’s 1%.

Lazy Loading is used by some sites through Javascript libraries. Once implemented in Chrome, it will cause all sites accessed from the browser to have a progressive page load. According to the Chromium team, charging through this function makes browsing 18% faster and up to 35% more economical when it comes to using internet data. It’s something, isn’t it? In times of end of net neutrality in the United States, help is more than welcome there.

However, there are some disagreements about the use of this tool, such as the use of the page for printing. The question here is whether a page with Lazy Load will be printed in its entirety or only the parts that have been loaded, mainly in Chrome for PC. Another issue is how zoom works on websites, as loading parts that have not yet been displayed can make this gesture less functional and less agile. Of course, these issues will be resolved until the tool is released (hopefully).

This feature is quite promising, isn’t it? How do you save internet on your Android?