Get ready for more and more video content on Apple Music; P. Diddy’s new series will debut in June

Jimmy Iovine says that music is not enough for Apple Music; company will even invest in series

The person responsible for Apple Music, Jimmy Iovine, is constantly appearing in interviews talking about his executive relationship with Ma and with artists with whom he works and closes partnerships. This time, in a conversation with Bloomberg, Iovine told a little more about his work at Apple and the company’s advances in more video content.

Jimmy Iovine

If there was already an intention at Apple to launch a service streaming to make both music and video available, is still unknown; however, as much as we think the direction that Apple Music has taken is strange (music in the name, but with more and more series / documentaries on video), Iovine may have influenced a lot. That’s because, before Beats was bought by Ma, the producer went to Netflix, but the company’s COO, Ted Sarandos, believed he was not ?prepared for music?. Still, Iovine does not seem to have given up on this junction and found Apple a favorable place.

A music service needs to be more than a lot of music and some playlists. I’m trying to help Apple Music be a general movement in popular culture, with everything from independent bands to video content. We have many plans.

Iovine made a point of demonstrating that there is freedom to work at Apple. He mentions that they can do «one program, three programs, see what worked and what did not work until they think it is good». Thus, he shows that there is no hurry to create something good and that he himself does not know how to do things quickly: ?We will grow slowly, no matter how.?

One of his plans includes a larger investment in marketing than his rival Spotify, which created video content but did little to publicize it. Iovine said that they will do marketing ?like a TV show; you will know when we launch ?. Therefore, it is expected that in iOS 11, which will be revealed this year, we will see a ?new version? of Apple Music, with a big focus on video or, as many suggest, an application part for that.

Regarding the various plans, Iovine said that, for now, he is focused on creating videos related to the music world, but he would also be in contact with other people in the video business, including director J.J. Abrams.

Even before Apple actually decided to create video content, Iovine would have shown an interest in working with the video producer. ?Carpool Karaoke?, Ben Winston. When the videos of the show were successful on YouTube, Winston contacted Iovine to make a spin off.

If I call LeBron James and list five networks or cable channels or even different online platforms, I don’t know if he would agree to sit in a car. If you say you’re making a new program for Apple, people are excited.

Ben Winston.

Indeed, only the name «Apple» can make many people interested. And it seems that several content producers are already aware of this, because, it seems, Apple Music will launch around ten original series by the end of the year. As proof of this, another one was announced today:

This is our story and what happened when we first met in two decades! #CantStopWontStop exclusively on @AppleMusic

According to Billboard, the Sean John Combs documentary (known by various names, including P. Diddy), «Can?t Stop, Won?t Stop: A Bad Boy Story» show the growth of Combs and his label, Bad Boy Records, in the 1990s, and the shows on the label’s 20th anniversary turn in 2016. The documentary premiered exclusively on Apple Music on June 25th.

Certainly, we will see great news painting by the service of streaming If you don’t have it yet, you can try it for free for three months and subscribe for US $ 5 per month (individual plan) or US $ 8 per month (family plan) if you are a student, you have 50% discount and pays only $ 2.50 a month.

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