Get ready for Linux certification for just $ 49!


IT professionals around the world already know that experience and knowledge are unbeatable in the technology industry. But how to stand out in an area that today employs more than 1 million people in Brazil?

The answer lies in IT certifications, which are international labels that prove the professional’s skill in several areas of knowledge. These certifications generally increase (and greatly) the salary and generate many opportunities. And to the delight of Linux fans, the preparatory online course some of the most requested certifications on the market more than 80% discount!

Your next professional step

LPIC-1 (Linux Administrator) and CompTIA Linux + certifications are highly valued and recognized internationally for accrediting the professional as a Linux Systems Administrator. There are two different tests but the content is the same and Udemy’s online course is already a reference for having prepared more than 3 thousand professionals to achieve this important highlight in the curriculum.

Access to content is lifelong and there is no monthly fee. The entire course is presented on topics demonstrated in a practical way. You will see the usage and returns of each command directly applied to a Linux machine and you will be able to reproduce and test it on your own study machine. And even if your computer does not have Linux, you will be shown step by step to create a system virtual machine that can run on Windows or Mac.

Udemy: The reference in online courses

Forget the monthly fees. With Udemy, you pay only once on a boleto or card and can access the course (and all updates) forever. And the best thing is that you can take the courses at your own pace, from the device you want and even offline. You can be sure, the best online courses are at Udemy. There are already more than 18 million students worldwide.

Enjoy the promotion (coupons are limited). From R $ 295 for only R $ 49!

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