Get more out of the World Cup with Google products

With the arrival of the World Cup, and with football being one of the most practiced and loved sports on the planet, Google and FIFA entered into an unprecedented partnership that will bring users of Google products and services all the information about one of the biggest world sport parties.

Google Chrome

If you are a Google Chrome user, what do you think of making the browser look like Brazil? With that in mind, Google launched the Brazil theme.

In particular, I found the image a little confusing. It ended up making the browser a little harder to use. If you want to download the Brazil theme, click here. If you prefer, click here and select the theme from one of the 32 selections.

What do you think about keeping up to date with all the information about the Brazilian team without having to look on news sites?

Just install the extension Chrome Extension to start receiving updated news in real time by about everything that happens at the World Cup. There is also information about your favorite team and game statistics. You can customize the gadget to receive goal alerts the moment they occur.

Like we had announced, when doing a search on Google Search for world Cup, the search engine starts to display the next championship matches, in addition to all groups and their respective selections. What we didn’t know, at the time of publication, was what would happen after the first matches had taken place.

Well, now that some matches have been played, we already know what happens. Search now displays the last three matches played, with a link to their summary, as well as the next three matches that will take place in the championship.


Receive news about teams, players and matches directly on your iGoogle page, with a new gadget specially created for the 2010 World Cup. To get to know the stadiums up close, click on the ‘venues’ tab and take a virtual tour where the ball will roll.

To add the theme of Brazil, or select the one from another selection, click here. To add the football gadget, click here.

Google Maps, Earth and Street View and the South African Tourism Bureau are using Google Maps to add information about host cities, stadiums and sights. Thus, users from all over the world can get to know the country better using the Street View and 3D tools. To read the full post on services, click here. For a special version of Google Maps for the South Africa Cup, click here.

“In a historic initiative, has teamed up with one of the world’s largest search engines, Google, to give the global community of football enthusiasts an unprecedented ease of access to news and information. With bid-for-bid broadcasts and also in-depth coverage, and Google provide Internet users around the world with a personalized and privileged World Cup experience, ”says Matt Stone, FIFA’s head of New Media.