Get in shape using your iPhone and some apps

Get in shape using your iPhone and some apps

It’s not a lie! I recently lost 10kg with the help of my iPhone, and my wife 5kg. Of course, the iPhone did not “eat” my fat, but it helped us to control exercise and diet. Using the new iPhone 5s M7 sensor and running applications, this is possible for you too. So my tip today is Stay in shape using your iPhone and some apps.

I’m not going to give you any miraculous recipes, I’m just going to give you some tips on apps that can help you with physical exercise and diet. These apps are also indicated on a dedicated page on iTunes, which you can view on here.

Hiking, Racing and Biking

Due to my heavy routine, this was the physical activity that I practiced the most, and it is one of the most recommended. I used the Endomodo app, it is the most complete I found, and what I found most cool about it is that it has training, that is, it has pre-established running activities, or else created by yourself. I did a 30-minute workout a day and 10 kg less with food.

In short, the application uses the GPS antenna to calculate the distance traveled on foot or by bicycle and together with its anthropometric data or even heart rate (with the aid of accessories) it calculates your calories expended and your physical health.

This application has complete interaction with Facebook and other social networks, in addition to your own social network, where you compete with other people who use the application, and as the application is also on Google Play (Android) you have a lot of competitors.

[app 416797509]

Another 2 very popular apps for running and biking are Nike Runner and RunKeeper. These apps have the same function as Endomodo but they also use the iPhone 5s M7 to perfectly monitor your change of pace and steps.

Nike Run Club

Nike Run Club

Runkeeper - GPS in the races

Runkeeper - GPS in the races

Other Apps

See other apps for racing, bikes and more exercise:

[app 478862935][app 570182662]

Control of food and calories

This was the second step in losing weight for me and my wife. In fact it was and is much more used by women than men, but it is very efficient, which is the control of food intake. For that, I recommend 2 excellent apps. The first is the Calorie counter and Diet Monitor.

It counts how many calories you have in each food ingested, and together with your daily consumption and daily intake, it tells you if you are reaching the goal of spending more than consuming. It is very efficient, because it is based on the fact that if you spend more calories than you eat, you will have to burn your fat reserves to “sustain yourself” and consequently lose weight.



Another application, which in my opinion is exceptional, is Diet and Health. A very famous application in the media and proves that it is not only fame. It is the application that my beloved and I use today, because in addition to losing weight, we improve our diet.

It was created by nutritionists and personal trainers, and aims at food readjustment and the Points diet. Exactly, in this application it does not count the calories, but punctuates each food. For example, you can spend 30 points a day, so you search the app and see that a single chicken drumstick equals 7 points (almost 30% of your daily goal of 30 points), so you will see that it is better to eat foods that worth less points, that you can eat more.

Before this app, we had crazy diets, where we were hungry, now we eat all meals, but in the exact score. I really liked the application, you need to test it, because it is free.

[app 400488936]

Final considerations

Ready to lose weight healthily with the help of iPhone? There are thousands of apps on the App Store that help you do this, I tried to help you with my own experience, but you can test much more.

If you have a tip from another app, use the comments! Thank you!